Kinesthetic Guitar rose out of the experience gained through years of  working with students with Down's syndrome and other physical disabilities.  It utilizes the guitar to target fine motor development and is written in a concise easy to understand way.  The same qualities that make it beneficial to students with physical challenges make it especially well suited for use with very young students.  The book is partnered with a DVD which guides the student through the material.
Introduction to the Classical Guitar takes students from the very first steps of learning to play the guitar, through the essentials needed to form a strong foundation as a player.  Etudes from Carcassi, Giuliani, Sor and the author exercise techniques which are essential to moving on to more advanced music.

This publication takes a relatively traditional approach to learning to play the guitar
and read music. In addition elements of theory, music history, improvisation,
classical technique, and ensemble playing are incorporated into a curriculum initially created for an
elementary classroom.  Ever since the initial printing, the book has proven itself equally
suited to the private lesson environment.

Copyright 2010 Ken Brown
An Introduction to the Classical Guitar
Guitar Fundamentals
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